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Communication and Collaboration

Discovery Call

Virtual meeting for a quick overview of offerings and suggested first steps

15 minutes


Return visits

Shorter visits providing proof of progress of current plan

45 minutes


Further Review 

In-depth look at labwork results in an effort to pinpoint internal system disconnect 

1 hour 



Product help, procedure clarification, etc. 
NOT to be used for scheduling 

9 am - 8 pm


[Hair & scalp] Analysis


dermoscopic imaging of the scalp and hair

  • 50x and 200x view of scalp

  • Health history overview

  • Environmental toxins

  • Isolate any potential physical indicators of hair loss origins 

1 hour


EM BIOMETric follicle scan

Receive a detailed report notating your results of:

Foods & additives hindering growth

Body deficiency markers

Amino Acids
Fatty Acids

Does NOT include 60 minute report walkthrough/analysis

30 minutes


mailed kits will incur a shipping fee in addition to test price

Scope & Scan

Trichoscopy + Biometrics

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the scalp microbiome

  • EM Biometric Follicle Scan

  • Detailed picture, ideally, to pinpoint potential origin of hair thinning and loss

Includes 1-month

proof-of-progress followup 

2 hours 30 minutes


need based labwork

Coupled with the biometric results, this better narrow down the source of your [hair] woes. Example:

Exact vitamin levels
Hormone levels
Complete iron levels
(including ferritin, serum, etc.)

processed through LabCorp

out-of-pocket cost

regrowth treatments

Low Level Laser

Stimulates cellular production in body tissue; prolongs duration of anagen phase; helps to promote reparative and physiological regeneration.

20-30 minutes
2-4 times / week

$2 / minute

Growth Factors 

Ultrasonic treatment application similar to AlmaTED

Promote cell proliferation

Stimulate dormant hair follicles

Increase strand thickness 

Improve blood flow 

small area  |  med area  |  whole head

weekly or monthly treatments recommended in series of 4

$600 | $750 | $1000

Head Spa Scalp detox

Buff away dead skin cells 

Decongest scalp

Clear product buildup from follicles

3 tiers of service

60-120 minutes

$125 - $250

The Externals

Symphony Scalp Care

Curated topicals for scalp success

  1. Scalp Cleanser

  2. DHT Blocker

  3. Minoxidil-free growth aid

  4. Low-dose minoxxidil (LDM) growth aid

  5. Daily At-Home Growth Factor Treatment

$42 - $220

Lasercap ® at home LLLT

A stronger, more powerful laser treatment to maximize hair growth results – over 250% more light energy than the next most powerful LLLT hair restoration devices currently available.

$995 - $2995

payment plans available 

halo ®
Hair pieces

This first-of-its-kind extension that revolutionized the industry with its innovative design and unmatched technology.

Original HALO®

Ponytail pieces
Fringe enhancers
Clip-in wefts

$320 - $1,000

payment plans available 

optimized supplementation

After completion of epigenetic mapping (EM) biometric scan, your comprehensive report will include personalized supplementation for peak body system optimization

starting at
$90 for 30-day supply  concentrated, whole-food capsules

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