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You're not generic

So why are you settling for generic solutions when it comes to regrowing your hair?

Scroll through all of the

points of C.A.R.E. available

to you at JP [Hair] Solutions


no service needed?

We can just talk! 

Discovery Call

Let's call it like it is. You're skeptical.

You've tried everything you can think of to try to get your hair density and thickness back: serums, and 'poos, and lights (oh my!).  

None of it worked - that's why you're here, right?

Let's connect with a no-obligation call to discuss you, what you've tried, and what you'd like to see in terms of regrowing your hair.


"When was I supposed to use this again?"

"How many times a week do I need to LaserCap?"

"Should I be seeing ________?"

"I haven't seen my labwork come through yet."

There are always those one-off questions that come to us at a completely random time. Next thing you know, it's 3 days later and you still forgot to call/email about that question. 

A monthly $5 membership allows for quick communication to answer those nagging "non-urgent" questions. 

CANNOT be used for scheduling. 


looking at your data to create your best plan

Progress Followups

further Review of analysis

We all like knowing that what we're doing is working. Seeing the progress of regrowing our hair is no different. 

Recommended to be completed monthly, these follow-up visits are a proof-of-progress appointment and can be completed virtually or in person. 

If you're finding it challenging to keep up with all the data in the reports, JPS offers virtual and in-person meetings to help. You can choose a 45-minute session, either in person or virtual, to work together and address all your questions

Finally, get your answers

[Hair and Scalp] Analysis

The basis of the Signature JPS Scope & Scan



Trichoscopy_ hair & scalp analysis

Dermoscopic imaging of the scalp and hair

Our scalp is home to a protective microbiome. When this shield isn't working properly, our body can start to work against itself, often leading to obstacles in achieving optimal hair growth. A trichoscopy involves magnifying the scalp to gain a comprehensive view of the body.


epigenetic mapping

Epigenetic Markers and what they mean for your body

The condition of our bodies can reveal areas where we are not functioning optimally. Hair thinning and loss can be signs that something else in our body is not functioning as it should. Biometric testing, like epigenetic mapping, can help identify what we need to focus on to restore our hair and overall body to peak performance.


on your terms

A beautiful macro image of bloodwork via

You don't need to take more biotin to get your hair to grow back. In fact, if you're taking one of the trendy supplements, it might be more detrimental to growing your hair back. Instead, let's find out your exact levels of need. For even more discovery, couple the labwork with biometric testing to see how your body deals with what is lacking.

Finally, get your answers

Regrowth Treatments

Kickstarters to the process


Growth Factors

The use of growth factors can produce results similar to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment without the need for injections. By harnessing the natural resources in your body, growth factors not only promote thicker hair strands, but also signal your body to prolong the hair growth (anagen) phase


Low-Level Laser 

LLLT goes directly to the "core" and initiates hyperspeed for the reparative and regenerative systems

Other benefits:

  • Quick & painless

  • Increases seratonin

  • Convenient

  • Boosts collagen

  • Endorphin increase

  • Psoriasis and eczema abatement


Scalp Facials

Keeping the scalp microbiome clean and clear is crucial for effective hair growth. A dirty scalp can lead to clogged follicles, preventing new hair growth.

Finally, get your answers

The Externals

The Grounds Crew



Keep growing your trees and forest at home. With SYMPHONY, you're covered from pre-wash to final look. 



LaserCap® is the original full-coverage low-level laser therapy device that is FDA-cleared for hair regrowth in both men and women. It delivers a stronger and more powerful laser treatment to maximize hair growth results. LaserCap® stands by the quality of their products, which is why every LaserCap device is covered by the best-in-industry lifetime warranty policy



Whether for a special occasion or to enhance your everyday hairstyle, you deserve products designed with comfort and style in mind. A HALO® is easily self-installed and non-damaging, completely customizable, and commitment-free. It's made with 100% Remy human hair and coated with a protective keratin seal, ensuring a soft, silky, and luxurious result." a soft, silky, and luxurious result.


Custom Supplementation

Feed the soil. Grow your trees.

Finally, get your answers
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